Bozeman RS Series River Stream Fly Reel - Black


This is the cool reel that was made for Montana's rivers. The RS series is our cutting-edge answer to what our guide friends wanted -- strength, reliability, durability, and precision. This reel is the result of real testing on real, wild trout.  It is the all-around reel for all of Montana's Rivers and Streams.

Its sleek surfaces belie the intensity of our innovative RDX drag system. The RDX utilizes impregnated Rulon® and Stainless to create a tippet-protecting, monster-run-stopping drag system within an innovative new configuration.  Rulon® is the trade name for a PTFE plastic (think Teflon) that is known for their low coefficient of friction, excellent abrasion resistance, wide range of operating temperatures, and chemical inertness.  This means that they provide excellent properties managing start-up inertia (protecting your light tippets) and its performance isn't altered during or after line-peeling runs.  This is the stuff you want in your drag!

The RS series also features sealed bearings, a sealed drag system, interchangable spools, and the ability to switch from right hand retrieve to left hand retrieve in a snap.  Machined out of T6061 aerospace-grade aluminum barstock, the sleek design still supports a tough body.  Don't let the weight fool you.  These are some of the lightest reels on the market, but have been built Montana tough.


Type: Reel